Addressing the ladies, Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (Sallallahu alihi waasallam) observed. "I have not seen any body week his mind in thinking and not upto the mark in religious knowledge, yet, prevail on the minds of powerful minded men”. ( Mafhoom) Bukhari – Kitabul Haiz.

Ladies are usually weak minded but have the capacity to prevail on men and make then yield to their wished, The various rituals seen in marriages and other function are destructive when money is spent lavishly and the religious norms are destroyed, Al these thing are done only to satisfy the ego of ladies and men look helpless before desires of the women folk.

But, once, the ladies follow the righteous path, these ladies become the fore- runners in bringing the society on the correct path. In developing the atmosphere of their home, in up - bringing the children on right path, the play on important role.
A saintly man has observed "If a man become religious, deen reaches the fore front of the house, but if a lady become religious, deen, really enters the house".

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