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Addressing the ladies, Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (Sallallahu alihi waasallam) observed. "I have not seen any body week his mind in thinking and not upto the mark in religious knowledge, yet, prevail on the minds of powerful minded men”. ( Mafhoom) Bukhari – Kitabul Haiz.

Ladies are usually weak minded but have the capacity to prevail on men and make then yield to their wished, The various rituals seen in marriages and other function are destructive when money is spent lavishly and the religious norms are destroyed, Al these thing are done only to satisfy the ego of ladies and men look helpless before desires of the women folk.
But, once, the ladies follow the righteous path, these ladies become the fore- runners in bringing the society on the correct path. In developing the atmosphere of their home, in up - bringing the children on right path, the play on important role.
A saintly man has observed "If a man become religious, deen reaches the fore front of the house, but if a lady become religious, deen, really enters the house".

This clearly shows the importance o educating and training the ladies. It is utmost necessary that Indies should have a vast knowledge of Alamiath and Fazeliyath; they must have deep thinking power about Sunnah und hadlth, 'They must be capable to impart deeni knowledge and bring the Indies on the righteous path. They must be able to spread "dawat - e deen” They must be rightly deserved the position of the knowledge of Hazrat Aaisha (Raziallah – u – Taala) and Hazrat Umme Salma (Raziallah-u- Taala)

It In praise - worthy that in some parts of [he country, Muslims have woke up to the need of educating the women folk about religious knowledge, in this purpose, they have established o number of schools for girls with hostel facilities. In some of these institutions, the numbers of students are over thousands.


In Andhrji Pradcsh and more spcifcally in Hyderabad, There are number of famous educational centers to impart deeni and modern education, but there were no institution to impart deeni knowledge for girls with hostel facilities.
Feeling the necessity for such an institution for girls, some persons, started the school under the banner —- MADARSA AAISHA NISWAN on 13th Zil HaJ 1406 H (20th August 1986)


The following courses exist in the jamia, at present.
• Shobay Hafiz: In these faculty Girls students by heart Quran – e – Majeed with due regard to Tajweed. In this faculty only suh students are admitted, who could complete their Hifz before reaching the age of puberty. Before starting Hifz, the students are given thorogh knowledge of Qaidas and do good exercise in Tajweed.
• Shobay – Aalamiath: This real aim of the Jamia is the establishment of the faculty, Higher education of Quran - e - Majeed, Hadith, Fikh , and Arabic literature is imparted here, " The complete course comprises of five years duration. On completion of the course the student is awarded “Fazilat” certificate. For students who are poor in Urdu Language, a separate course called "Aaydadiya" is set apart for a period of three yen.
• Specialization in Fikh: Expertisation in Fikhi problem. Knowledge of day to day problems and their solutions based on Islamic knowledge are essential keeping this need in view for the students who completed fazilat course. This faculty has been instituted in the Jamia three years ago. The good results of establishing the faculty is now apparent
• Specialization in Literature: In view of the Importance of Arabie literature and language, (his department was started, so that the students who have completed their education in Jamia may acquire special knowledge in this regards!
• Modern Education: Aong with Alim course, the students also get education in modern education. The course is drawn in such a way that, while studying Aalamiath, the student can prepare and acquire knowledge to appear for matriculation examination,
To spread "deen" the students are made well verse in spoken English &. Telugu.
• Faculty of Cottage Industry: In this faculty various courses of computers, tailoring, embroidery, candle making and chalks making are imparted. inipaiLed.
The complete course o Aalamiath is given in detail. This is actually computed under '' the supervision of experts


|| For Entrance in to Jamia the age limit in not less than ten years for boarders and not less of eight years for day scholars. Upper age is no limit.
|| It is preferential, if the entrant is well versed in Urdu.
|| Districts students will be given preference for admission in hostel. If ac accommodation permits city students will also be considered for hostel facilities,
|| Only "mahram" relatives are permitted to meet the students.
Photographs of mahram relatives must be deposited in the office for identification
|| All the letters received by post will be open by the school authority they will be read, and then Only they will be handed over to the respective Student. Letter written by students will be Scrutinized before they are posted.
|| No student is allowed to speak phone, However, necessary information about the students will Be conveyed by the responsible person of the school.
|| During school hours every student must wear school uniform.
|| Details of uniform are: Blue full sleeves frock, white shelwar and white head cover. Dresses after school hours should be according to Sharia. Non Sharia dresses will not be allowed- half sleeves shirts and chowdidar payjama and thin (i.e transparent) head cover.
|| The academic year of ihe school is June to April (Note) if warranted this can be change.
|| Every admission is temporary a period of two months. On the expiry of the period, if the administration is ialisfied with the character and behavior of the student it will be made permanent. The final decision of admission will be taken after the examination for admission.


To solve problems referred by various persons, in the light of Shana the Jamia has created "Darul Ifta (i.e Arbitration Section) till now thousands of disputed problems are various problems have been sotted out and detailed answers were provided. As per their own convenience, people both ladies & gentlemen, make telephonic call about their problems and doubts and this department of jamia, provide with them with satisfactory answers, in the light of Shaiia.


In this age when the religious knowledge among the common man is seanty, is tis absolutely the deeni thinking should be rebuilt ways and means should be adopted to spread deeni knowledge in every house, in this period of the sin, it becomes essential that deeni literature in detail, comprehensive and simple should reach every house. These will alley the miss understanding prevalent amongst common man regarding religious norms. To achieve this aim, the Jamia is publishing a monthly magazine "Tarjuman Aaisha" every month regularly. The Journal contains article pertaining to the present day problems particularly on deeni subjects. Special emphasis is given to print the life sketches of Sahabiat the place of ladies in Islam and various problems faced by them day in and day out.


The Jamia has a huge collection of books on Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Kalam – e – Balughat and other Islamic Literature. The books on these available in Jamia may be over thousands, Jamia has plans to make available these books to public. So it has plans to open a library,


Jamia has 26 braehes spread over various districts and slates, some important branches arc mentioned here,
|| Madarsa Rouzat ul Banat - Godavari Khanni - Kareem Nagar (About 200 students are studying with hostel facilities)
|| Madarsa Safiya Niswan - Nizamabad (The school impart knowledge till daura hadith) it has hotel Facilities the strength is about 250
|| Madarsa Salma Niswan - Sirval - Karnool ( Aboul 200 students are studying, they have hostel facility)
|| Madarsa Fatima tuz Zehra Niswan - Wclgod - Kurnool (There is hostel, 2QO student’s are studying here)
|| Madarsa Haleema Niswan - Miryalguds - Nulgonda ( (the strength is about 100 with hostel facility)
|| Madarsa Zainab ul Banath - Khammam (here also the strength is about 100 with hostel facility)
|| Madarsa HafsuJ Bemalh - Bidar (200 students are studying Hostel facility is not available ) Added to this.
|| Madarsa Khadeeju tul Kubra Niswan - Mahaboob Nagar
|| Madarsa Maimoona Niswan - Arsapally – Nazimabad
|| Madarsa Umme Habeeba Niswan - Tappa Cahbutra – Hyderabad
|| Madarsa Khasimia Niswan - Tangda - Dachapally – Guntur
|| Madarsa Shamshul Hasan lil Banalh - Mohammadabad - R.R. DisL
|| Madarsa Tahera Niswan - Kurmaguda - Hyderabad
|| Madarsa Juveria Niswan - Eidi Bazar - Hyderabad
Added to this many people from many more villages and districts have desire to open branches of this Jamia in their respective areas. These demands will be considered separately.


The Jamia is working under the supervision of active numbing mommitee. The present status of Jamia is the elective activity of these members.
The responsible office bearers of the Jamia are:
• Hazrath Moulana Khalid Saiiullah Rahmani Sahab — Patron
• Moulana Hafiz Khaja Nazeeruddin Sahab Sahab — Principal
• Hakeem Mir Maqbool Ali Hashmi Sahab — Nigran Ummami (G.S)
• Shaik Monammed Sabab — Jt, Secrelajy
• Mohammed Wahecduddin Sahab — Treasurer


DR. Rashccd Khalidi Sahab
Moulana Shabbir uddin Sahab
Mohammed Basheer Uddin Sahab
Saleem Ahmed Farooqui Sahab
Mohammed Fasiuddin Sahab
Mohammed Jaffar Sahab


Date of Opening : 20th August 1986
Strength : 1600
Hostel students : 900
Monthly Expenses : 6 Lakhs
Full free students : 30%
Partial Free students : 40%
Non paid students : 30%
Teachers strength : 40
Staff: 22
Fazilath certificate holders : 579
Hafiz Students : 108
Ifta students : 34
Tatl Branches : 26
Tatal strength inc. branches : 3000

Drabjung Colony Madannapet Hyderabad



Jamia Aaisha was established on 20th Aug 1986 with a strength of seven girl students and one teacher in a rental room.
1. From next year, more students wanted to take admission in the school, particularly from various districts. '
To accomodate the students a big house was taken on rent, The school was made from its inseption "Residential". Every year the strength of students wore on the increase, '-V
2. When it was fell that the available accommodation is no able to cater the growing strength of students, it was decided, after consultation, to purchase a piece of land and construct the school building. As such in the year 1990, a plot of land, measuring 865 sq. yards was purchased. To construct the school building prominent engineers of the city were entrusted with the work. Initially the foundation of the school building was planned to have ground floor with additional four storeys, with the co-operation of philanthropic persons, the construction work progressed accordingly.
3. In 1991 the first batch of seven students completed their course. An annual function was arranged and these students were awarded the "Sanad-e-fazilath", (certificate Of AalIm)
4. In the year 1992, the students were shifted from the old school to the newly constructed building. Simultaneously, the construction work continued.


5. At present the land available to the jamia is 865+340+200, totally 1405 sq:yards. The present strength of the students is 1600, out of these, 950 are residential students. The rest are daily scholars.
6. The strength of teaching staff is more than 40 and the non Teaching staff are about 20.
7. The monthly expenditure of jamia is more Than six lacs rupees. (Rs-600000/-).
8. The jamia has a regular governing body consisting of 13 members from various walks of life.
After consultation with the members of the committee, further action is taken, according to the committee's decisions.
9. The academic curricular is as under. This has been formulated after consultation with the prominent scholars.



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